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Welcome to Berg’s Outdoors, we are happy to work hard in helping you find the right equipment for hunting, shooting, or for every day life. We are committed to going above and beyond for our customers, offering a unique purchasing experience at our store in Broussard.

What makes us unique is our personalized customer service. When you buy through Berg’s Outdoors, you are working with the owner, Steven Berger himself. We will do everything in our power to help you find the RIGHT equipment for your needs.

We offer a unique buying experience at our location in Broussard, Louisiana. Offering one on one service ensures that we do everything possible to get you the right gear for your needs.

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Join us at Berg's Outdoors and experience the difference of personalized service, unrivaled product testing, and a team dedicated to saying yes to your needs. We're passionate about helping you make informed decisions and ensuring that your shooting sports and hunting endeavors are nothing short of exceptional.

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